Frindle writing activities

After reading, copy several lines of dialogue from chapter 6 on the board or on the overhead. By turns thoughtful, moving, and amusing, her account offers a fascinating commentary on human courage and a compelling self-portrait of an extraordinary young woman whose life was tragically cut frindle writing activities.

What will it look like - an ordinary pen, or something more unique. In fourth grade, he taught his classmates to mimic the high-pitched calls of blackbirds. Daniel had a dream: It was an even bigger surprise when they beat the seventh grade and the eighth grade, too.

Her new home is Brooklyn, New York.

Frindle Extension Activity

Review the different parts of a dictionary entry: Show, perhaps, an angry Mrs. Ask students to listen carefully and follow directions. Ask students to choose five to ten words from the Class Dictionary to write a short story or poem.

Frindle Extension Activity

Island of the Blue Dolphins is not only an unusual adventure of survival but also a tale of natural beauty and personal discovery.

The next day in class, you can play a game by listing the words on the board - without the meaning - and having the rest of the class try and guess what the word describes.

When the Nazis begin "relocating" the Jews of Denmark, Ellen moves in with the Johansens and pretends to be part of the family. Students can also add a small illustration of the word.

This richly layered Newbery Medal-winning novel is in turn funny, mysterious, and touching. In the fulfillment of that quest, her own resourcefulness is bolstered by a statue that may or may not be by Michelangelo; a brother who proves to be a fabulous ally; and the wise, prickly Mrs.

In fact, they take no notice of their genius daughter at all. At first, it seems like a harmless prank, a way to annoy his dictionary-obsessed teacher.

Matilda Wormwood started reading books at the age of four, but her crooked father and bingo-playing mother regard book reading as a waste of time -- and much prefer watching TV. Free Frindle study unit worksheets for teachers to print.

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Frindle by Andrew Clements. Download this Vocabulary Connections for fun resources and activities that support Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary growth. Why not call it a frindle?" Step 3: Brainstorm a list of objects found in the classroom.

Examples: books, notebooks, desks, magic markers, paper, blackboard, chalk, erasers, etc. Step 4: Ask students to choose three objects to rename.

Create new words for these everyday classroom items. This is a perfect opportunity for adults who always wanted to take painting classes but were afraid to try! The class will be easy and you will be surprised at your artistic ability.

Student Activities The Frindle Extension Activity. Grades. Granger disapproving of the use of frindle or all the kids staying after school writing with a frindle.

Frindle writing activities
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